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Sohanyoga Advanced Practices is a full-scope system of yoga, formulated by the indian yoga teacher Sohan. Integrating asana (posture) practice with pranayama and meditation, Sohanyoga advanced program covers all of the eight limbs of yoga. The system includes practices that can be taken on by people who are new to yoga and takes people all the way through, to gradually build up an advanced level yoga practice.

The purification of the body and mind at the subtle level, brings the practitioner into an ecstatic state of living. It also creates a sense of peace and bliss, which are the cornerstones for the realization of unification of oneself, the real energy of yoga.

Yoga Courses

We provide yoga TTC courses, advanced yoga training, yoga therapy, kids yoga, couple yoga and yoga as holistic healthcare, online yoga videos and motivate others to find more health, clarity and balance through attainable modern-day yoga & lifestyle.

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Mar, 27 2020

Dev Sanskriti University

A university committed to inculcate morality and values, which make its students good human beings and responsible citizens.

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Mar, 27 2020

Meaning And Respect Of OM in Yoga

Om is an ancient Sanskrit “word” that was first felt by rishis(monks) as they meditated. It was more about the essence of Om

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Mar, 27 2020

Contemporary style of Yoga

Ashtanga (ash-tang-a) is the system of Yoga taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois at the Ashtanga Yoga research institute in Mysore, India.

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